Support, Connection, Advocacy


The Railway Supply Institute is the only independent advocate of the railway supplier in Washington, DC. The association works tirelessly to represent its membership and to promote the primary interests of the industry. With access to decision makers in the United States Congress and the Obama Administration, RSI works with regulatory agencies, Congressional lawmakers and staff to promote rail supply industry interests.

Our members continuously invest in new technologies that make our rail systems safer, cleaner and more efficient. RSI plays an important role at both the federal and state level supporting our members and their customers.

Based upon the segments of the rail supply industry, our major legislative interests include:

  • Rail Infrastructure and Capacity Investment
  • Passenger Rail: Funding for High Speed and Intercity PassengerĀ  Rail, Buy America
  • Surface Transportation Bill: Truck Size and Weights, Grade Crossing Safety, Operation Lifesaver
  • Preserving Balanced Regulation

On the left side bar are page summaries of our priority issues and links to important news items and government information.